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The ancient practice of yoga can be used to enhance performance and help keep your body injury free. Whether your discipline is football, hurling, or running, practicing yoga is the perfect cross-training activity for athletes and will help to pro-long your sporting career. Yoga postures are done with AWARENESS; on the breath, the body and the mental state. The postures and pranayama (breath work) increase energy, bloody flow and oxygen in the body resulting in better muscle function. Sports yoga targets often overused areas of the body helping to stretch and lengthen i.e. tight hamstrings, quadriceps, IT band, hips and shoulders.

Benefits of Yoga for Sports

  • Flexibility: Better flexibility will also increase range of motion
  • Strength: In yoga all muscle groups are used to improve lean muscle mass.
  • Stability: Physical and emotional (strong body, strong mind)
  • Focus: Through meditation and increased body awareness you become more present. This will help an individual to be unrestrained by fear, free from negative thought patterns and laser focused.
  • Less injuries: The heightened awareness that yoga creates allows you to move with ease at all times as you feel deeply into sensation and analyze form.
  • Balance: Better balance & coordination means enhanced control, which in turn leads to better technique and form.
  • Recovery: Restorative yoga or a slow gentle class will specifically target areas of the body reducing recovery time. The final relaxation of each yoga class allows the body to restore and actively release tension/tightness.

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