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Post Natal Mother and Baby Yoga Shannon

Welcome! Whether its your first or 10th baby, Post Natal Yoga with baby will give you an opportunity to carve out some space for just you and your baby. Early loving bonding for brain development is of upmost importance for infants and Mother & Baby Yoga will help nourish that bond with your baby. You will foster positive communication and nurturing touch with your baby. Over the course of the term Mother and Baby Yoga will get you and your little one on a structured wellness path psychologically, developmentally and physically. Post natal Yoga also acknowledges the changes in the body after pregnancy and birth and works to support Mum to heal and lovingly step into your new postpartum body.


Aids sleep and relaxation in both mother and baby

Build strength with ease and regain pelvic tone

Helps improve digestion, circulation and relieves wind and colic.

Supports the emotional wellbeing of Mum

Fosters community support with other Mothers

The Class

This course is suitable for babies from 6 weeks old until crawling. Unfortunately it isn’t suitable for babies that are crawling and on the move.

Please ensure that you have had your 6 week GP check up and you are cleared to practice yoga. Ask your healthcare practitioner to check your perineum, check scars, and check for Diastasis Recti.

Bring you own yoga mat (there are some spare if you don’t have one) and a pillow and blanket for baby.

This is a supportive & comfortable space so boobs, bottles and baby’s bums are all welcome 😉


To book or for more information, please email or phone/text 086 3302038