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How To Practice Yoga Anytime, Anywhere

How To Practice Yoga Anytime, Anywhere

No time to make a yoga session every day of the week? Take the common cues from class and put them into your everyday life.
Read on to see 4 effective ways that you can take your yoga practice with you anytime, anywhere.

Grow tall through the spine
Whether you are sitting or standing or waiting in line at the Post Office, straighten your spine by sitting or standing up taller. It is the spines job to keep the brain in position and the mind alert. Slouching acts like a narcotic to the body. Collapsing the chest caves in on the very self.

Just like in a particular yoga posture, find your breath in challenging or uncomfortable situations. The breath will take you from fight or flight to activating the parasympathetic nervous system that promotes relaxation. Ideally breathe in and out through your nose, this may take a while to master but is something you can practice
off the mat.

Do regular body scans to see where you may be holding tension in your body and consciously release it. Are your shoulders hunched up around your ears? Can you release your jaw? Are you frowning?

Open Your Heart
In yoga classes, you may often hear the instructor talk about ‘opening through the chest’ or ‘expanding the heart space’. Modern psychology is now tapping into this ancient yogic concept in relation to body language and the ‘Power Pose’. Correcting your posture immediately changes your body chemistry. Opening up through the chest and heart space will positively shift your energy, thus affecting those around you.

Try one or all of the above and notice the difference in your daily life.

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