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Yoga For Travel

Yoga For Travel

Its that time of year when everyone goes on holidays. And while holidays are lots of fun, sometimes the ‘getting there’ part isn’t so groovy. I know lots of people with a fear of flying or who suffer anxiety on airplanes and up until a few years, I was one of them. So I’ve put together a Travel Wellbeing Toolbox for you to help calm those travel nerves and ground you even though you are nowhere near the ground 😉

To Bring:
Lavender essential oil
Tissue or handkerchief for lavender drops (inhale scent when needed)
Uplifting and inspiring Audio book with headphones
Chamomile teabags for calming tea on the plane

Breath: Breathe in and out through the nose only. This will help to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system relaxing the body and slowing the heart rate. Breathing through the mouth may cause hyperventilating and increased heart rate which will put the body under mild stress and anxiety so nasal breathe as much as possible.

Yoga: Joint release

Redirect the energy from the ‘over thinking’ mind down to the physical body
Fingers: Making fists and stretching out fingers x 5 breaths
Wrists: Rotating wrists one direction then the other x 5 breaths each
Arms: Bending elbows touching fingers to shoulders x 5 rounds
Shoulders: Circling the shoulders one direction then the other x 5 breaths
Neck: Dip the chin to the chest, then chin to ceiling x 5 breaths
Neck: Drop right ear to right shoulder and hold for 5 breaths
Toes: Curl them in and stretch/spread them out x 5 rounds
Feet: Point feet/toes and then flex through heel x 5 rounds
Ankles: Rotate clockwise then anti clockwise x 5 breaths
Twist: Cross right knee over left and twist to the right. Repeat on other side

Clasp hands at the back of your head and use your thumbs to massage the neck and base of skull.
Massage one hand and the other (even better if you have a little oil to use too)

Affirmation to repeat throughout the flight: “I am safe, all is well”

Tips: Make sure the tip of your tongue isn’t touching the roof of your mouth as this will help prevent overactive thinking. Also unhinge your jaw so the face is relaxed and there is no tension being created.

“Only through challenge can there be true growth”

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