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How To Create The Perfect Evening Routine

How To Create The Perfect Evening Routine

How To Create The Perfect Evening Routine

Since having my baby (and reading LOADS of books on sleep!) I have really learnt the importance of a nightly routine -and not just for babies. See below some of my key tips to set yourself up for a good nights sleep.

Ditch the Screen
Stop watching all devices at least 1 hour before bed. That includes TV, Laptop, phones etc. The blue light emitted from these can cause havoc with melatonin (the sleep hormone) in your body thus affecting your sleep. If you like to read to wind down, then use an actual book. We are co-sleeping so I use a candle which is effective and also creates a cosy atmosphere, though I am very conscious to fall asleep while its burning.

Happy Belly
Don’t go to bed just after eating your last meal of the day. It may cause bloating and indigestion. Not only, that but it may attribute to feeling sluggish the next morning too. Give you body a chance to digest the food so it’s feeling light before sleep.

Bedroom Sanctuary
Your bedroom needs to be your sanctuary. Make sure its clutter free and you close all wardrobe doors and drawers. Maybe light a candle or burn some essential oil in a diffuser as you prepare for bed. Some people like black out blinds but I prefer to wake with natural light. Waking with the morning sun also helps to regulate circadian rhythms.

Night cap
And before you get excited, no I’m not talking about the alcoholic kind! Treat yourself to a natural cosy drink to help wind down. Maybe a warm milk with spices or a herbal tea like camomile.

One of my favourite yoga poses for winding down is Legs Up The Wall Pose or Vipartia Karani. This can even be done on your bed by throwing your legs up over your headboard or on the ground with your legs up on your bed. It’s a really mild inversion which helps to calm our nervous system prepping the body and mind for sleep.

This is an opportunity to acknowledge various parts of your day and then consciously let them go. Journaling is also another nice option here for reflection or spending a few moments making a gratitude list. Its important to not carry any drama or emotional baggage around day after day and this process helps to release some of that drama.

Ah sweet easy breath. When the lights are out and you are all tucked up and cosy in bed do the following; take a deep breath in through your nose, pause at the top and gather your day or anything you wish to release, then give a long audible exhale out through your mouth. Repeat another two times and drop into that space of surrender.

Try some or all of the above to help combat any night time issues such as insomnia or an overactive mind.

If you have any other tips for a perfect evening routine, leave them in the comments below.

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